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The project of creating a gay fetishist club in Portugal
was born in 2012, with two main objectives:
to strenghten the male fetishist community,
improving friendship bonding and promoting an
associativist spirit; overwhelming the prejudice of the
society in what concerns gay male fetishism.


Founded in 2014,

GEAR CLUB PORTUGAL was born with
the mission of fulfilling those objectives.
Although still far from vanquishing all the challenges
ahead, Gear Club Portugal as fought and will keep
fighting, with the vital help of our partners and our
members, for the acceptance of male fetishism in the
portuguese gay community.
A new challenge emerges, with our will of getting
Gear Club Portugal known behond our borders,
through the promotion of international events and
establishing protocols and partnerships with
similar foreign organizations.


(Co-founder & President)

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